K2HASH PHP Extension

K2HASH PHP Extension (PHP Extension library for K2HASH) a PHP Extension library which wraps K2HASH KVS (key-value store) library with some uniq features. Using K2HASH PHP Extension, all functions provided by the K2HASH library can be used from PHP. K2HASH PHP Extension is one of AntPickax’s open source product by Yahoo! JAPAN.

k2HASH PHP Extension


Overview about K2HASH PHP Extension library.


The explanation of the detailed Feature of K2HASH PHP Extension library.


How to use K2HASH PHP Extension library for your program.

Source Code

K2HASH PHP Extension publishes the Source Code on Github.
When checking or building the source code, refer(clone / fork) to this repository and use it.


Detailed description of the programming interface provided by K2HASH PHP Extension library for developers.


Description of Environment variables used by K2HASH PHP Extension library to load.

About K2HASH

K2HASH (NoSQL Key Value Store(KVS) library) is a key-value store(NoSQL) with original featured function. Please see the K2HASH details page.

About AntPickax

AntPickax is product group that is provided as open source by Yahoo! JAPAN.
Please see the AntPickax details page.