K2hash::printState K2hash Class K2hash::putArchive


Prints the k2hash library version


 public static bool K2hash::printVersion ([ mixed $output ] )

Prints the k2hash library version.


Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure


$k2hash = new K2hash();
$fp = fopen("/tmp/k2hash_print_version.log", 'w');

$fp = fopen("/tmp/k2hash_print_version.log", 'r');
if ($fp) {
        while (!feof($fp)) {
                if (($buf = fgets($fp, 4096)) !== false) {
                        echo $buf;

The above example will output:

K2HASH library Version 1.0.83 (commit: 143975d) with NSS

Copyright(C) 2013 Yahoo Japan Corporation.

K2HASH is key-valuew store base libraries. K2HASH is made for
the purpose of the construction of original KVS system and the
offer of the library. The characteristic is this KVS library
which Key can layer. And can support multi-processing and
multi-thread, and is provided safely as available KVS.

FULLOCK Version 1.0.44 (commit: 20ce073)

Copyright(C) 2015 Yahoo Japan Corporation.

FULLOCK is fast locking library on user level by Yahoo! JAPAN.
FULLOCK is following specifications.
K2hash::printState K2hash Class K2hash::putArchive